TUMI Startup Accelerator

TUMI Startup Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya provides technical support to startups that work towards provision of transformative solutions to urban mobility challenges. It is supported by the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative which is a consortium of World leading organizations that work on sustainable transport.

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What are we addressing?

The increase in urban population in African cities has resulted to diversification and an upsurge in transport needs. Both public transport and private car use have drastically risen resulting to road congestion and air pollution. This nonetheless, provides a huge opportunity to provide transformative urban mobility solutions that can offer more travel options, reduce the travel time, cost and risk, and provide comfort for its users. It is a chance to offer inclusive options that put into consideration the needs of women, children and people with disability amongst other special needs groups. Innovations can also help to reduce harmful emissions and promote efficient energy use.

Opportunity To Innovate

TUMI Accelerator has selected 6 startups through competitive criteria that offer transformative, practical, well researched and possibly tested solutions to urban mobility challenges in Africa Cities. The startups will be incubated at our C4DLab for a period of 5 months. During this period, they will receive coaching and mentorship from both local and international mobility experts.

Further, they will have a chance to pitch their start up ideas and have an exhibition space during the Nairobi Innovation Week 2019. To top it up, the startup will receive in kind support (Equivalent value of up to $20,000) and link to potential partners and investors. The accelerator experience will involve intense, rapid, and immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle of startups of the young innovative entrepreneurs.

Who we Are


C4DLab is an R&D and Startup Incubation hub at the University of Nairobi. The lab aims at contributing towards building the Silicon Savannah, leveraging on the large University community.